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Lake Conroe: Rental Cabins in Texas

Rental holiday houses near the lake

If you are fond of fishing different species of fish, then you should visit Lake Conroe, Texas. The most popular type of fish that you can catch in this lake is the Largemouth bass. The largest bass that has been caught in here was in 1997 and it had a weight of 14.1 lbs.

If you want to try your luck in catching the largest fish in Lake Conroe, then you need to look for cabins in Texas where you can stay while preparing for your fishing adventure.

This amazing and beautiful lake is located at Montgomery county Texas and this place is approximately 40 miles north of Houston Texas. This lake was impounded in the year 1973. The lake has 20,118 acres of fresh water, pool level of 201 ft and fluctuation of 1 to 3 ft per year. This water is very clear to algal stain.

Species of fishes that you can find near this area

Species of fishes that you can find within this lake are White & hybrid striped bass, Largemouth bass, catfish and Bluegill Channel. The Lake Conroe is open water at the lower part of it. You will also find a timber at the northern part of this lake. The timber is submerged at the pool level that makes some parts of the lake very hazardous.

There are tons of boat docks that you can find along the lower lake and in the northern lake you will find sparse. It is better to find cabins in Texas near the lake if you really want to enjoy catching fish. You will find some fresh plant along the shoreline. If you want good scenery, then you should find a cabin in a place where there are many plants.

Tips and Tactics to Catch Plenty of Fish

If you want catch as many Largemouth bass as you can you should go the shallow part of the lake and around the boat docks to be able to catch them. The best time to catch many of this species of fish is to fish and stay in this beautiful part of the lone star state during spring and late fall. In other months if the year, bass are located in deeper parts of the lake. You can try to use shade color of lures like Super Flukes and other soft plastic.

The striped bass is becoming popular with many fishing enthusiast on Lake Conroe because this species of fish can be caught anytime during the year. You can try the open water with the use of live shad or jagging spoon.

During spring, you can try on the river channel because they are feeding on school of white bass. If you want to catch dozen of fishes then spring is the right time for you to look for cabins in Texas near the lake.

If you want to target channel fish, then you can stay at in a Texas rental cabin anytime during the year, because this species of fish can be caught all year round. You should target the rip-rap shoreline with the use of crickets or worms. Cabins in Texas are best for people who want to make the most out of Lake Conroe. It is one of the most sought after lakes in the country, so you need to make sure that you will make a reservation for a nice holiday rental cabin in advance.

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